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Apply To Model

My largest work to date "UNCUT" was a great success and really opened the door for me to move into larger format publications. 
It's now time to start working on my next big project and I'm looking for models who want to be involved.
These projects take a bit of time to co-ordinate and create, so over the next few months I'll be on the hunt for the perfect people to join me on my project.

I'm currently based in Sydney Australia, but within the next few months will be travelling to Melbourne, Perth, Florida, New York, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. So if you are in any of these locations, submit the form below and express your interest.

Before You Apply


My published projects are almost exclusively what is known as "erotic nudes".  In order to work with me ALL models are required to pose fully nude with options of an erection. Specifically, chosen models agree to have their entire body photographed, including full rear and frontal nudity.  In other words, my photography leaves nothing to the imagination. I prefer to work with models who are true exhibitionists, so if you have any discomfort or hesitation about doing this type of work, there is no need for you to submit an application.

Additionally, if you are concerned that your family, friends, co-workers, or employers will see the images (and they almost certainly will), or if you feel the need to micro-manage how and where your images are used, there is no need to contact me.

However, if you are completely comfortable posing for this type of image and you think you possess the necessary physical qualifications (see below), I would be delighted to hear from you.  


ALL models must be 18 years of age or older and have a government-issued ID with a valid birth date, no exceptions.  I have no maximum age limit. 


I am looking for models who are well presented, proportionate, fit and confident. Photogenic faces with some jaw definition is preferred. Athletic and muscular physiques should send images of the stage they expect to be in at the shoot. I prefer to photograph bodies that aren't shaved or waxed, but they can be groomed and maintained. Note that if shaving or waxing results in breakouts, this should be avoided. I reserve the right to cancel the photo shoot if you do not arrive in the agreed physical condition and/or appropriately groomed or with excessive breakouts from shaving/waxing.

I prefer natural skin colour without a fake tan. What's most important is that your skin is generally even in tone. - I like models to have pubic hair and underarm hair; however, some trimming is acceptable for aesthetic reasons keeping in mind points above. You may be clean shaven if its mutually agreed upon.


I require ALL models to sign a release and models must provide (on the day of the shoot) a government-issued ID for me to copy for my files. The release is binding and does not allow for a change of mind after the shoot.


My images are primarily intended for my various publication projects, which can include digital books, coffee table books, calendars, and use as individual prints for sale.  I also reserve the right to use images for marketing within said publication on any or all social media platforms. I am usually happy to provide models with a very small number of mid-resolution digital images of my choosing for use on socials or modelling sites.  These images are not to be used for commercial purposes. - I do not provide models with prints or high-resolution digital images.  Any published images will be subject to terms and timelines of use which will be disclosed befor the shoot. I own full copyright to the images, no exceptions.

If after reading all this,  you would still like to work with me, I invite you to complete the online model application. When you go to that form be aware that you will need to attach recent photos of yourself - Ideally you should include three pictures. A full body pic showing your current physique, a clear and well lit face pic (no filters or editing, and a side profile body shot. All pics should be well lit and unobstructed. Please ensure these pics are sufficient to give me a clear idea of your look and body. I will likely never chase up people for additional pics who either don't include any or do not comply with this criteria.

I look forward to hearing from you!


To continue to the model application, please fill out the form below.

Apply to model for my next project
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Thank you! We will be in touch.

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