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Some of the hottest boys on the internet, brought to you by Australian photographer The Boy Project.

BODY+ is a solo model feature per issue.  A collaborative effort between the model and photographer showcasing an intimate insight of each models body and mindset.


All issues are NSFW and contain full frontal nudity intended to be viewed by those over 18 years old only.


There is beauty on the streets and everywhere you go. 

Some of us just see it in ways that others might not. 

That's how The Boy Project was born. 

We are an Australian based photography project, asking every day men to jump in front of the camera. Theres usually something we see in them that they don't see in them selves. A lot of them have never modelled before and together we collaborate to create something beautiful, sexy, masculine and strong.


Some of the guys we have found have gone on to modelling more frequently and some have even become the faces of some brands you know.

Armed with a creative vision and an eye for detail, our work has attracted attention that has seen us work directly with brands, models and celebrities. 

If you are brand that would like to work with us, or a guy that might have what it takes, we would love to hear from you.





Currently in Melbourne, Australia

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